Daily Gratitude Log – April Fools Day 2015



As the world moves into a greater state of consciousness and as I move into a greater state of consciousness, I find myself contemplating love and life more. Both things have been capitalized on, quantified and morphed in American culture and reduced to include only things that can be counted in physical wealth. For example, love is what everyone is looking for. It has been mystified, demonized in its truest form and corporate America has done everything possible to disconnect us from the simple truths of this element of life.

If you are a person living in America than you are privy to the ideology that people of greater social status are somehow more glamorous and spectacular than regular people and thus…somehow!…more worthy of affection and reverence. It’s all a lie. These people are no more worthy of love than you or me. Who decided that they were better than you? Why do those people matter? 

They are still human at the end of the day, despite the copious amounts of makeup  that may make us think otherwise. We are all loving and worthy of love. I am not just talking about loving one another but also loving life and what you do to get by.

On my journey, one of the first things that I had to let go of was this notion that love was only good if the person met this or that or if the position met a certain salary range. (I am not telling you that you shouldn’t have standards)  But deep down, I had issues loving myself. I didn’t feel like I was worthy of love because I didn’t have the dream position or the Prince Harry human replica that I always wanted. To get to this point of happiness I had to let go of the notion that these things made or broke my life and that I wouldn’t be good enough until I got them. I have since, re-evaluated what it means to love, to be loved and to live lovingly..for me! But I am very grateful to have had love in my life through each stage of this transformation. I am grateful to be able to cultivate self love. It is the paint that color’s the canvas of life. So, today I would like you all to take a moment and think about what you are most grateful for and why? Write it down and start keeping a journal of these things.

What are you grateful for today?

Quote to consider:

“Be not the slave of your own past,

Plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep and swim far, so you shall comeback with self-respect,with new power, with an advanced experience that will explain and overlook the old.”

By Ralph Waldo Emerson