5 Things To Love About Your Nerdy Lover

5 Things To Love About Your Nerdy Lover

1. They are always down for an adventure.

When an imagination-stimulating adventure is to be had, your nerd is never too far away. Whether, it’s a new video game, a trip to a far off land or merely a zombie apocalypse strategy session, your lover is always there to enjoy. Most times, you have to admit, it’s pretty fun to see him or her fawn over something, even if it is just the latest edition of Black Ops.

2. They teach you how to be constructively creative. 

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I don’t know about you, but I have had too many experiences with my nerdy S.O. to say that this isn’t true. Humans want activities. We want to do things and be apart of the world as well as learn from it and nerds seem to be extremely drawn to such activities. They want to learn. They thirst to create and to be stimulated. It is amazing to experience some of the things that come from a nerd’s imagination. As long as it doesn’t explode. If it looks volatile…run!

3. They aren’t afraid to be themselves.

Nerds know that some of the things they like may be weird so you don’t have to worry about the hours you spend looking at videos of cute puppies doing silly things. Also, nerds tend to be more open and honest about what they like and don’t like, which lends to higher communication skills and overall relationship satisfaction.

4. They plan Halloween like a high paid executive plans the next fiscal year.

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Maybe it’s from years of cos-playing but somehow, every year, nerds have the best and most well-thought through costumes in the galaxy…or at least the neighborhood comic bookstore. And if they don’t, they look damn cute anyway.

5. You have a kick-ass partner for ANY end of the world scenario.

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One day…all that prepping and hard work will be needed, whether it is to fend off all the blood thirsty brides in the dress shop or fight off gnarly ‘zombies’ trying to get the last half off camcorder on Black Friday- you’ll be thankful to have someone so coordinated and creative to brave it with.

Bonus: They are beautiful! With all of their quirky habits, loves, likes, fandoms and RPG’s, something has to be said about the sheer beauty of their radiance.

Nerds(some of them) are beautiful, radiant, creative individuals who seem to exist in a realm of self-awareness and acceptance that many of us wish we could go to. So, the next time your nerdy significant other asks you to take part in one of their many eccentric hobbies, cuddle close, and enjoy their company.

‘A Taste of Power’: The Woman Who Led the Black Panther Party

‘A Taste of Power’: The Woman Who Led the Black Panther Party

Courtesy of Elaine Brown


Elaine Brown | A Taste of Power, Pantheon | 1992 | 30 minutes (7,440 words)

Elaine Brown is an American prison activist, writer, lecturer and singer. In 1968, she joined the Los Angeles chapter of the Black Panther Party as a rank-and-file member. Six years later, Huey Newton appointed her to lead the Party when he went into exile in Cuba. She was the first and only woman to lead the male-dominated Party. In 2003 she co-founded the National Alliance for Radical Prison Reform and released a second nonfiction book, The Condemnation of Little B.

Her 1992 autobiography A Taste of Power is a story of what it means to be a black woman in America, tracing her life from a lonely girlhood in the ghettos of North Philadelphia to the highest levels of the Black Panther Party’s hierarchy. The Los Angeles Times described the book as “a profound, funny and…heartbreaking American story,” and the New…

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Awesome Snack of the Week: Botan Rice Candy

Awesome Snack of the Week: Botan Rice Candy

Hi all!

So this week, I got a special treat from a friend of mine. He’s an Americano all the way and doesn’t seem to like anything unless it has a “Made in the USA” tramp stamp. (Sorry buddy but it is the truth.) So, he gave me this little packet of awesomeness called Botan Rice Candy. Ooooh yeah! Step aside snacks of yester-year you have new competition and it’s from Asia.

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Botan Rice Candy has taken the internet by storm over the past few years with several vlogs and blogs talking about it’s unique flavor and consistency but what few people know is that this has been a treat in Japan since 1998. Alot of us were in the back car of the popularity train, catching on to the trend just as it hit a plateau. It is, apparently, lemon-orange flavor and the interior wrapper is edible. It also comes with a free sticker! How cool is that?

So, I love this candy because it mildly sweet,  fruity, soft and refreshing. It is very mellow and doesn’t overwhelm the palate like some snacks. Another thing that is really great about this candy is that the super thin rice film adds to the flavor instead of distracting the palate or confusing the tongue all together. Don’t get me wrong, it does taste a bit like rice starch in the beginning but as it dissolves it takes on this light sweet flavor that blends well with the fruity overtones. In the end, it has a grapefruit-esq after taste sans the bitterness.


In each package you get about six small individually wrapped pieces and a free sticker. I got a hula girl but from what I have heard, the sticker possibilities are endless.

I gave this candy a 4.5 out of 5 just because I tend to like sweeter things but if you love semi-sweet, gummy morsels of deliciousness than you will love Botan Rice Candy. If you want to get some, the best place is : AsianFoodGrocer, they have the best price.

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On Long Distance Relationships

On Long Distance Relationships

Who ever said long distance relationships were easy was lying…big time. My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 7 months and have yet to see each other. He lives in Oklahoma and I live on the other side of country. We are quite literally separated by at least seven states. We Skype often and call each other almost every day but the distance is a killer.

Recently, I have felt like things have cooled between us. It’s still exciting but often I long for more. I want more affection, closeness and romance and I know that this only comes with close relationships but for the love of god why does it have to be so difficult?

When you are far away from someone, how do you keep the spark alive? How do you rekindle that initial bliss? Do you personally believe that long distance relationships can work? Share below.

The Act of Love

A few days ago the Huffington Post published an article on couple in love. Subsequent to that a few days later, they published another about a young homeless couple in love. After reading it, I had no idea what to say but my heart was touched. They still manage to love each other. To protect each other and when you take away the ‘American Dream’ that is what it is all about. We’ve been sold a tale for so long that now we believe in the cabalistic visions of our fore fathers. We have quantified and commodified love.

In the search for perfection, the media has sold us lies about what is right and what is wrong. Who to love and who to hate. Someone will probably call me crazy for saying this. It may come off a bit preachy but I don’t feel like I could continue if I didn’t say what I feel.

Love is more than the diamond ring he can buy me. It is more than the size of my stomach or the ripples of muscles on his forearm. Love is caring, it is protecting. It is doting warmth and sweet affection. It makes me hopeful to see two people love and take care of each other because it brings me back from the bleak statistics of homespun marriages. It reminds me that love can be found anywhere. Love can exist everywhere. Love is in everyone. Some people just can’t see it.

To read the article: Click Here!

Zines and Life

For awhile now I have been considering creating my own zine. I have started working on an original idea and I am hoping that by the end of this month I will have something viable to submit to Distros nationwide as well as distribute myself. I wonder how people do this? From my personal experience I have only seen it successfully accomplished a few time in small art communities in Portland.

I have to admit though. It is extremely fun. I thoroughly enjoy what I am working on and cannot wait to show you the finished product. In conjunction with this, I will be launching my own website soon to promote artistic creation in Baltimore and the surrounding areas.

Let’s hope all goes well.