June 22nd, 2015 – Gratitude List

sunlight1. Lights and Electricity 

Usually, the things that I am grateful for are not so….concrete for a lack of better words. Today, I felt the need to show gratitude for something that many people in developed countries take for granted and that is electricity. I find myself forgetting sometimes that this truly is a gift. There are countries were people live in the dark and families who live in this country or countries like it who cannot afford electricity. I want to recognize my blessings and the importance of them in my life because I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t charge my laptop or flick a light switch at night to illuminate a corridor. I am so grateful and thankful and I pray for those people who do not have such luxuries.

horse2. Freedom (To a degree)

I am thankful for the freedom that I am able to enjoy. I can say what I want, post what I want and live how I choose too. In other countries and in certain places, people do not have the level of freedom that we enjoy here in America.  As a black woman, I must say that America does still have some way to go in establishing equality for all its people. But at the moment I am happy to say that I can speak freely and am in control of my own body and spirit. That is an amazing thing to be able to say.

life3. Life

Should I say anything else? Really? Life in itself is a blessing, every beautiful, painful, sad, happy, delicious moment..

watermark4. Food

It is delicious, isn’t it. I am grateful for the sustenance and flavors.

That’s all for today guys. If you want to share something that you are thankful for, share below or pm me and I’ll put it in the next post. Namaste!


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