May 31tth, 2015 – Gratitude Log –

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I know I haven’t been on here in awhile. I do apologize to all of the fans of this blog. I was hospitalized from stress. I’m back and much better now with much more to be grateful for. A few words before I begin with today’s gratitude. In these stressful times it is always important to remember that we are all people. And that to help each other and improve communities, we must let go of bias and think and act with love. With that being said, today, I am most grateful for community.

The riots in Baltimore have been highly televised with many stations taking a limited view on the issue at hand. What I have witnessed from stations like WJZ, ABC NEWS, and many radio stations, is that their views are very black and white and fail to address the systematic problems that led up to the riots. They also portray African American citizens of the city of Baltimore as ‘other’. We are depicted as the problem and seldom have we been included in the solution. Some of the instances of violence were aggravated or perpetrated by racists in the city and people who live in different parts of the country but this fact, in most cases, has been avoided.

The rest, the burning of the Penn-north station’s CVS and other places like it are the people’s responses to prevalent tactics to gentrify, segregate and render the A.A. population, without power, without community and without hope. This has been boiling in the backdrop of urban advancement for years but as more people are being forced from their homes onto the streets or into the county we see stuff like this happening. The riots were much more than a response to gentrification. This was about the mysterious death of another young African American in which the city police department had no real answers. It isn’t just the rioting that is the problem and we can’t view the issue as white against black or vice versa anymore. This is a problem caused by injustice. Baltimore, calls itself Charm City but it is only charming if you have the money and power to enjoy it (not to mention the skin tone to bypass police brutality). In the poor communities, their options are slim, for healthy food, for healthy lives and for livable conditions. When you try and make the best out of what you have in a bad situation and no matter how hard you try it still isn’t good enough, wouldn’t you be mad as well?

I am not saying that burning buildings, looting or harming city officials is okay. I would never say that, but I do think that treating said officials like demi-gods is a problem. These things could be fixed. If we stopped allowing big businesses and the media to force feed us their agendas and help the little guy. for a lack of better words. Also, we need to hold the government and the officials to the same standards that we ourselves are held to by those officials. We cannot continue to turn a blind while others die. We must fight for equality and justice together or we all risk become Freddie Gray to some extent, no matter what color you are or what tier of the socioeconomic statues pyramid that you fit into.  We must fight to build and keep their communities together and fight against drugs and crime together, the community or communities and the public officials.

Community is more important now than it has ever been with Jade Helm 15 just around the corner and mounting global economic tensions, we all need to stand together as a nation. I am so thankful for the community that I have, for my family, friends and you dear readers. I am even thankful for the strong new leaders who leave this city each year to change the world. I hope that they are able to make a great contribution to our larger society. I also hope that we are all able to transcend into a higher and more positive state of consciousness together.

Quote for Thought: 

“We must become bigger than we have been: more courageous, greater in spirit, larger in outlook. We must become members of a new race, overcoming petty prejudice, owing our ultimate allegiance not to nations but to our fellow men within the human community.”
― Haile Selassie, Former Emperor of Ethiopia



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