1. They are always down for an adventure.

When an imagination-stimulating adventure is to be had, your nerd is never too far away. Whether, it’s a new video game, a trip to a far off land or merely a zombie apocalypse strategy session, your lover is always there to enjoy. Most times, you have to admit, it’s pretty fun to see him or her fawn over something, even if it is just the latest edition of Black Ops.

2. They teach you how to be constructively creative. 

via Lockerdome.com
I don’t know about you, but I have had too many experiences with my nerdy S.O. to say that this isn’t true. Humans want activities. We want to do things and be apart of the world as well as learn from it and nerds seem to be extremely drawn to such activities. They want to learn. They thirst to create and to be stimulated. It is amazing to experience some of the things that come from a nerd’s imagination. As long as it doesn’t explode. If it looks volatile…run!

3. They aren’t afraid to be themselves.

Nerds know that some of the things they like may be weird so you don’t have to worry about the hours you spend looking at videos of cute puppies doing silly things. Also, nerds tend to be more open and honest about what they like and don’t like, which lends to higher communication skills and overall relationship satisfaction.

4. They plan Halloween like a high paid executive plans the next fiscal year.

via almostnerdy.com
Maybe it’s from years of cos-playing but somehow, every year, nerds have the best and most well-thought through costumes in the galaxy…or at least the neighborhood comic bookstore. And if they don’t, they look damn cute anyway.

5. You have a kick-ass partner for ANY end of the world scenario.

via etsystatic.com
One day…all that prepping and hard work will be needed, whether it is to fend off all the blood thirsty brides in the dress shop or fight off gnarly ‘zombies’ trying to get the last half off camcorder on Black Friday- you’ll be thankful to have someone so coordinated and creative to brave it with.

Bonus: They are beautiful! With all of their quirky habits, loves, likes, fandoms and RPG’s, something has to be said about the sheer beauty of their radiance.

Nerds(some of them) are beautiful, radiant, creative individuals who seem to exist in a realm of self-awareness and acceptance that many of us wish we could go to. So, the next time your nerdy significant other asks you to take part in one of their many eccentric hobbies, cuddle close, and enjoy their company.

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