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So this week, I got a special treat from a friend of mine. He’s an Americano all the way and doesn’t seem to like anything unless it has a “Made in the USA” tramp stamp. (Sorry buddy but it is the truth.) So, he gave me this little packet of awesomeness called Botan Rice Candy. Ooooh yeah! Step aside snacks of yester-year you have new competition and it’s from Asia.

Via Marukia eStore

Botan Rice Candy has taken the internet by storm over the past few years with several vlogs and blogs talking about it’s unique flavor and consistency but what few people know is that this has been a treat in Japan since 1998. Alot of us were in the back car of the popularity train, catching on to the trend just as it hit a plateau. It is, apparently, lemon-orange flavor and the interior wrapper is edible. It also comes with a free sticker! How cool is that?

So, I love this candy because it mildly sweet,  fruity, soft and refreshing. It is very mellow and doesn’t overwhelm the palate like some snacks. Another thing that is really great about this candy is that the super thin rice film adds to the flavor instead of distracting the palate or confusing the tongue all together. Don’t get me wrong, it does taste a bit like rice starch in the beginning but as it dissolves it takes on this light sweet flavor that blends well with the fruity overtones. In the end, it has a grapefruit-esq after taste sans the bitterness.


In each package you get about six small individually wrapped pieces and a free sticker. I got a hula girl but from what I have heard, the sticker possibilities are endless.

I gave this candy a 4.5 out of 5 just because I tend to like sweeter things but if you love semi-sweet, gummy morsels of deliciousness than you will love Botan Rice Candy. If you want to get some, the best place is : AsianFoodGrocer, they have the best price.

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