The Act of Love

A few days ago the Huffington Post published an article on couple in love. Subsequent to that a few days later, they published another about a young homeless couple in love. After reading it, I had no idea what to say but my heart was touched. They still manage to love each other. To protect each other and when you take away the ‘American Dream’ that is what it is all about. We’ve been sold a tale for so long that now we believe in the cabalistic visions of our fore fathers. We have quantified and commodified love.

In the search for perfection, the media has sold us lies about what is right and what is wrong. Who to love and who to hate. Someone will probably call me crazy for saying this. It may come off a bit preachy but I don’t feel like I could continue if I didn’t say what I feel.

Love is more than the diamond ring he can buy me. It is more than the size of my stomach or the ripples of muscles on his forearm. Love is caring, it is protecting. It is doting warmth and sweet affection. It makes me hopeful to see two people love and take care of each other because it brings me back from the bleak statistics of homespun marriages. It reminds me that love can be found anywhere. Love can exist everywhere. Love is in everyone. Some people just can’t see it.

To read the article: Click Here!


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