So, today is Friday. *insert prays and dirty dancing* Is anyone else happy the week is over? I bet every one of you is happy about this. Especially, the college kids. Aw yeah, time to party, drink like you have no liver, swing from chandeliers like crazy chimps and just go wild. Yes, the weekend has begun. To celebrate the end of a busy week and prepare for the subsequent workload that I must complete before Martin Luther King’s Day of remembrance, I have purchased, not one…but two ‘delicious’ snacks that I was led to believe would be worth my time and dime.

Please give a round of applause for the awkward duo, gluten free Coconut Macaroon cookie and Tropical. One is a spongy, coconut-y, bread-y little cookie and the other is a tall, refreshing glass bottle of artificial drink with suspicious banana flavoring. The latter, the Tropical, tastes more like off-brand pineapple Fanta than banana drink. Just a warning, the high level of sugar contained in this drink WILL give you a headache. Oh dear lord, what a mistake it was to drink such a horrific brew. I bought it in a Mexican grocery store where the teller spoke no English whatsoever. That should tell you something. Do not drink this. It will destroy your bowels. It gets a 1/10 rating from me. This foodie is not impressed.

The gluten free macaroon was very nice. It was a little sweet but not at all unbearable. Sweetened with honey and organic sugar, this is a very healthy, albeit calorie rich snack. One think about this sugary little cookie that I didn’t like was the stickiness. It was very sticky which made getting it out of the wrapper a little difficult. Also, it was expensive for it’s size but not its quality. I have had organic foods from other companies and none tasted as good as this cookie. Perhaps, I’m just hungry but …meh. I give it a 8.5/10.

If you decide to try either of these foods and have something to say or share about them, don’t hesitate to share or comment below.

Have an epic weekend!


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