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Looking for registration info for the next round of Blogging 101? Just scroll down!

Blogging U. is about to celebrate its first birthday! We introduced our very first course, Blogging 101: Zero to Hero, in January of 2014.

And what a year! Over 20,000 of you registered for our blogging, writing, and photography courses. We’re still crunching all the numbers, but in just looking at the first few blogging and writing courses, we’re bowled over — you accomplished some seriously amazing things.

This is a site I’d pretty much abandoned, and I was getting tired of hearing the crickets. So glad I signed up to Blogging U. All along there was a community of bloggers out there like me, and I hadn’t met them.

When the statistic elves finish compiling the combined data for all of 2014, will let you know!

In just the first few courses, you published…

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